kurokonosexy replied to your post: unfollowed for the trans… it’s a harsh…

one less disgusting transphobe to exist near you

true tho?? like bye

unfollowed for the trans… it’s a harsh world kids

oh yea i watched the newest crystal yesterday bc i’m super behind and it was so good i lov mako

but where was the scene where usagi turned into a groom with the disguise pen. where was my trans canon.

hey everyone!! i’m aware of everyone’s requests for graphics and they are on my mind, but senior life is stressful and busy. i promise i’ll get to them as soon as i have the time!!


*usagi voice* she just hit me in the face, but since she’s a pretty girl, i forgiv her! if it’s a pretty girl , i’m willing forgive just about anything!!




Found a few more animation differences from that digest video in episode two. 


Sailor Moon Crystal Bluray updates look a million times better than the original episodes!!! PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE

This is actually REALLY normal for anime. Since they’re trying to get episodes out on time, when it comes to the physical release, they go back and fix a lot. (Really great, more recent examples of this of anime shows you’ve probably heard of are Madoka Magica and Attack on Titan.)

But it’s really relieving to actually see examples of this for Sailor Moon Crystal!!!

EDIT: Forgot to tack on that these new screencaps are from the official Sailor Moon Crystal youtube channel here.

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