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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way.

i can’t believe sailor moon has tumblr pro

i can’t believe sailor moon has tumblr pro

A List of Canon Trans Girls in Fiction 


This took me a while, but it’s finished! It’s basically a list of all canon trans girls in popular fiction/anime.

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i apologize if this is triggering for anyone, please tell me to tag things if my general ones aren’t enough or specific enough

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i’m not talking about this on my sm blog anymore but do you realize that the implication here is that the tallest, most physically imposing senshi is dmab is not only strictly against canon both in-universe and word of god but also insinuates that you can’t be strong and tall without a y chromosome??

also, it’s really really gross that you decided projecting sexuality onto ten and twelve and fourteen year old characters was a cool thing to do but please do not try to excuse it by saying you’re ”not as bad” as other people, for someone trying so hard to make fandom space inclusive you’re being extremely callous towards people who were groomed into sexuality as children by predators

again, not forcing sexuality onto children, i’m trying to take an interpretation on what their identities might be!! because it’s never explicitly stated!! and representation is hard to come by and that was the purpose of that post!!

and i think the problem you have with trans!mako is that you’re making it about cis girls. this is about an interpretation of mako as trans. i haven’t tried to imply that cis girls can’t be physically strong or tall, and that’s cool if you think of mako as cis. AND HEY, I REALIZE WORD OF GOD STATES THAT THE SENSHI ARE ALL GIRLS. oh woah though, by that logic does that mean mako could be trans?? yes??? BECAUSE WOAH YOU CAN BE A GIRL WHO WAS DMAB HOW ASTOUNDING. i’m fucking done with people setting trans women to a more rigorous standard of femininity than cis women because of TERFs. if cis women can be on any place on the spectrum of masculinity and femininity, so can trans women. 



I fucked up using “born female,” and I definitely meant to write afab.

Thanks for explaining your Mako-as-trans headcannon. To be honest I thought at first that you were misusing the term transgender, and chose that because she does not conform to gender roles physically. Now I see that was not the case and you were expanding her backstory. And seeing your other post that expands your headcannon I can super dig it. Sorry for that misunderstanding.

I also see Michiru as bisexual instead of homosexual because she’s often seen flirting with men…but then again that means nothing for actual sexual and romantic orientation so nevermind. 

sorry for not being clear on the post, but thank you for understanding!